Štekar wines

In the heart of the Gorizia Hills, in the picturesque village of Snežatno, the Štekar family has been nurturing and creating a winemaking tradition for centuries.

We could say that the Gorizia Hills (Brda in Slovene) are something special for the vine. Nature gave us a soil full of minerals, the sun in the Primorska region warms our grapes nicely and the wind brings us a Mediterranean and alpine breeze. Ideal conditions for our vine.

We believe that Nature gives us as much as we give Her back. That is why we want to provide our vine with conditions, that are as natural as possible, without having to interfere with its growth process. We nourish it with natural sprays, which is why we are certified as biological winemakers. Both our grapes and our wine are certified as biological products.

Grapes in the vineyard are alive, which is why we have to nurture them as a living creature. The same goes for wine, which is alive inside the bottle, so every bottle is different and something completely unique. For this reason, we follow the traditional methods of winemaking in our cellar. Similar to the vineyard, here too, we do it with as little interference as possible in the must and/or wine.

The initiator of the winemaking business at our house was Emil, the great-grandfather. His son, Roman, learned from him how to take care of the vines and how to make wine. Likewise, he took over the farm and, in addition to winemaking, began a tourist and accommodation business. The current master and Roman’s younger son, Jure, took over winemaking in 2012, and it was then that it all began.